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22 June 2023 by Europe_Books

Toxic Relationships? No, thanks! Europe Books presents “How to kill my ex?”, a book by Alessandro Morfati

Today we talk about How to kill my ex?, a book by Alessandro Morfati published with our publishing house Europe Books.

Europe Books had the pleasure of interviewing the author Alessandro Morfati to get to know him better, where he found the inspiration to write his book How to kill my ex? as well as his personal view on how to prevent toxic relationships.

Below you can find our interview. Take a seat and enjoy your reading!!!

  • Where did you find the inspiration to write this story?

I was born an optimist and an opportunist. During my two divorces (25 and 15 years ago), I have been confronted with so much deceit and misery that sometimes I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. My wife calls me a naive romantic; that must have something to do with it. Friends in my area also had ex-partners who did awful things. So bad, you could write a book about it. That you are forced to move from a million-dollar villa to a caravan. Or receiving 1000 pages in court for everything you did wrong in 20 years of marriage. Specifying the exact day and time. When a friend sighed: ‘If I kill him, I will be rid of everything. I’ll prefer to go to jail for some years to stop it.’ I got the idea for the book. As a former journalist and creative director of an advertising agency, I started to work on ‘How do I kill my ex?’ searching for a suitable format without making it personal. Amor Fati was always my way of life, and that’s how Alessandro Morfati was born.

  • What are the crucial themes of your work?

Crucial themes in my work are relationships, self-help, mental health and positive motivation. The title ‘How to Kill My Ex? might not sound very positive, but by exploring the possibilities and seeing the insanity of that idea, you will understand there must be another way. There are many books about relationships, but often so severe. If you are sad, living in survival mode, and being attacked daily with lies and misery, you need something else. An understanding of your emotions and how to handle these. Don’t let the other one be stronger. Find your inner strength, even if it means you must start all over again.

  • What do you want to communicate to readers with this work?

I want to give everyone in a hopeless situation after breaking up some hope. And humor works best when you don’t feel like it anymore. In the end, fate has something better in store for you. Sometimes you have to experience things to better understand your future. And appreciate what you get. Anger won’t get you anywhere, and self-pity won’t help either. What happens to you has a reason. You have to learn from it so that you can understand yourself better. How did it come to this? Were there no alarm bells in your head? Now is the best time for serious self-reflection. Write down why you are worthy of a loving and happy relationship. And what you could have done better. Most importantly, you don’t let yourself be destroyed by the other person. You’re too good a person for that. This all happens so that you come out stronger in the end. And happier.

  • Could you sum up in 3 key points how to prevent ourself from a toxic relationship from the very beginning?

Listen to that little voice in your head. If something tells you ‘it’s not normal’, then don’t engage. Do some research, like a CV check. Some people are good at telling stories and if you are naïve, you fall for them.

Don’t rush. You don’t need someone else to be happy. First, you must be happy with yourself. And to be so, you have to learn to live alone and find balance and peace in yourself. Then you can explore a relationship that gives additional meaning to your life.

Don’t listen to advise from friends. “He/she is gorgeous and so good-looking. I wouldn’t wait too long!” Be skeptical and independent as long as it takes. If you are happy with yourself, you don’t need to get into a relationship just because the world expects you to. Love will come to your path when the time is right. And you will recognize it!

  • Are you planning to write more books? Can you tell us something about it?

I have three book ideas I am working on. One is for younger people that are facing a challenging future labor market. How can you find your dream job if you’re not an influencer or a TikTok star? The other one is about Conspiracy Theories. Too many things are happening in this century that are worth exploring. Think about subjects like The Tartarians, Tesla Energy, The Moon landing, and the wall of Antarctica. The last book idea is a thriller, about the resistance in Europe during 2050. What will Europe look like in 2050? Will we all have one neutral identity or are groups fighting to keep their authentic culture and people alive?

Europe Books thanks the author Alessandro Morfati once again for taking the time and answering our questions. We are really pleased to have walked alongside him on the editorial path that led to the publication of his book How to kill my ex. We wish him the best of luck for his book and for his future works.

To you, my dear reader, may this book let you remember that if you are hopeless, fate has something better in store for you. Learn to appreciate the simplest thing you get and don’t rush too much but experiment and observe everything and everyone that’s around you in order to better understand your future. What happens to you has a reason. Just discover it and learn from it!

So, my dear reader, all I have to say is to enjoy your reading!

Your editor!


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