Erratum first edition (print)


‘How to Kill My Ex?’ launch edition June 2023

Dear reader,

We are sorry that in the very first edition, there were some errors that we missed.

Page 20 That one typo

A welling tear and a broken voice from the judge have already plucked many men bald. 

It should read

A welling tear and a broken voice in front of the judge have already plucked many men bald. 

Page 39 2nd Alinea got digitally mixed up. It should read:

The first attempt to kill your ex is the simplest version. You go up to her and just shoot right through her head. And then a few more times through the heart to make sure there are no miraculous chances of survival.

It is important to get a good shot because the human body can take a lot; even a bullet through the head is not always fatal. US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot right through her head in 2011 but was able to smile again an hour later in the operating room.

Perpetrator Jared Lee Loughner’s bullet pierced the back of her skull through her left hemisphere and exited through her forehead.

In such a shot, three brain areas may be affected: the occipital cortex at the back of the head (controls vision), the parietal cortex at the top of the brain (processing sensory in- formation), and the frontal cortex at the front of the head (planning, initiative). In this case, the bullet hit nothing fatal. More than ten years later, only her right arm is paralyzed, as a reminder of the failed assassination attempt.

If you’re afraid (or know) that your ex is also literally an empty head, then you better shoot her in the head twice. Or opting for a shot through the heart, also effective, although such victims do not drop dead as quickly as in the film. 

Page 78, 3rd Alinea, inaccurate sentence

This murder is named after Epstein who brought the Lolita Express, many government leaders and multinationals to his island with his private jet.  

It should read

This murder is named after Epstein, who brought many government leaders and multinationals to his private island with his private jet, ‘The Lolita Express’.

We hope you enjoy the book!