How to kill My Ex?

The #1 self healing book after a toxic relationship

The book ‘How to Kill My Ex?’ is an optimistic gift for friends who can no longer think clearly due to emotions that arise during a breakup. After reading this book, you know that ending a toxic relationship is the start of a new beginning.

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  • A hilarious yet therapeutic take on the aftermath of a toxic relationship 

    In an increasingly polarized world, the qualities of a partner, or the red and green flags as they are now referred, publicize the prevalence of toxic relationships. But what happens beyond the red and green flags line when it’s all over? Author Alessandro Morfati’s new book, “How to Kill My Ex? – The Book,” takes a look…

  • A hilaric handbook

    Disclaimer: The author wrote this book as a satire and to discourage people from actually killing their ex-partner. The author, therefore, takes no responsibility for any actions arising from reading this book.

  • OMG

    This book was so helpful!

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